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McMinn County E-911 Communications receives and dispatches emergency calls for the people of McMinn County. All calls are answered by trained professional telecommunicators and then dispatched to the proper police, fire or EMS agencies. There are 11 full-time telecommunicators, one training coordinator, two part-time telecommunicators and one supervisor that answer approximately 40,000 emergency calls and 100,000 non-emergency calls a year.

 Mission Statement


McMinn County E-911 Communications Center is a public utility that prides itself in its professionalism by providing quality and equal communication services in any circumstance to all we encounter.


               Core Values


Accountability:  All employees regardless of title will hold themselves and each other responsible by taking ownership of their actions and their decisions.


Respect:  The people we serve and the people we work with are a diverse group that deserves to be treated with compassion and empathy.


Dedication:  To be highly and ethically committed to our duties without hesitation, compromise, or exception.


Honesty: All employees will strive to be genuine, truthful, sincere and free from deception or fraud.


Teamwork: A cooperative effort by each employee working together to reach a common goal.


             Communications Staff




                              Susan Jackson, Supervisor




                                          Julie Hyde, Trainer





                Paul Pickel                               Judy Halstead


                Carolyn Carter                               Julia Thomas


                 Theresa Stafford                         Adam Moses


                   Megan Carver                               Melissa Terry


                 Michael Altstatt                          Dana Mashburn


                Deborah Lunsford







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